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The Effect of Bovine Colostrum/ Egg Supplementation in Young Malawian Children
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    bovine colostrum ...
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The trial will consist of adding either a supplement of 4.3g egg powder + 5.7g bovine colostrum or a control flour along with a multiple micronutrient powder to the diets of healthy Malawian children 9 months of age. This supplement provides additional essential amino acids, choline and immunoactive colostrum. Children will be receive either the supplement or control for 12 weeks. Children will have regular follow-up where anthropometry is measured. At enrollment and after 12 weeks, stool will be collected and a urinary lactulose permeability test conducted. Children will be measured at enrollment and at weeks 2, 4, 8, 12, 20, 32 after enrollment.
Study Started
Dec 03
Primary Completion
Dec 30
Study Completion
May 30
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Sep 16

Dietary Supplement BC/ egg

4.3 egg powder + 5.7 g bovine colostrum

Dietary Supplement Control

15 grams corn-soya blend

Dietary Supplement multiple micronutrient

multiple micronutrient sprinkle powder

BC/ egg Experimental

4.3 grams egg powder + 5.7 grams bovine colostrum

Control Placebo Comparator

15 grams corn-soya blend


Inclusion Criteria:

Healthy Children at 9-10 months of age

Exclusion Criteria:

congenital abnormalities
chronic diseases such as heart disease, cerebral palsy, or HIV infection
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