Vitamin D Raising and Maintaining Blood Serum 25(OH)D3 Levels
Effectiveness of Various Vitamin D Protocols on Raising and Maintaining Blood Serum 25(OH)D3 Levels Over a Three Month Period
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Analyze the amount of change in blood serum Vitamin D levels in patients of 3 different dosing groups and how their levels change over a 3 month period of time.
Vitamin D has shown multiple health benefits specifically in regards to bone healing. To the investigators knowledge there are currently no protocols for Vitamin D supplementation in the Orthopedic community for patients recovering from fractures. The investigators study will monitor 3 different groups of volunteers taking various Vitamin D regimens and how participants blood serum 25(OH)D3 levels are effected throughout a 3 month period. The 3 groups will include: 1) 100,000 units D2 once on day one, 2) 100,000 units D2 taken once a week x 12 weeks, 3) 50,000 units D2 x 10 days, then 2000 units D3 taken daily for the remainder of the study period. There will be 15-20 volunteers randomly assigned to each of the 3 groups. The investigators will have each volunteer from the 3 groups have blood drawn a total of 4 times throughout the course of this study: prior to the study, week 2, week 6, and week 12. From these results the investigators will determine which protocol most effectively raises and maintains vitamin D levels in the volunteers through this 3 month period. The investigators will also use this data to determine which protocol is not only most cost efficient but also easiest to follow by individuals. The investigators are hoping that this study may help finally develop a universal orthopedic protocol for vitamin D supplementation in patients recovering from fractures.
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Jun 27
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May 31
Study Completion
May 31
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Jun 21

Dietary Supplement Vitamin D

Vitamin D2/D3

  • Other names: Ergocalciferol, cholecalciferol

Vitamin Dose Group 100,000 Units Active Comparator

100,000 units Vitamin D2 one time only.

Vitamin Dose Group 100,000 Units D2 Active Comparator

100,000 units vitamin D2 weekly for three months.

Vitamin Dose Group 50,000/2,000 D2/D3 Active Comparator

50,000 units Vitamin D2 for 10 days followed by 2,000 units Vitamin D3 daily the remainder of the three month study period.


Inclusion Criteria:

Low Vitamin D level

Exclusion Criteria:

Normal Vitamin D level, already taking Vitamin D, any form of steroids, weight-loss drugs, anti-tuberculosis drugs, high blood pressure drugs, high cholesterol drugs, endocrine disease, being treated for any form of cancer.
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