Study of Vitamin A and Carbomer in Comforting the Ocular Surface Irritations of Glaucoma Patients
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Most of the patients under long application of anti-glaucoma eyedrops endure severe ocular surface irritation, which interrupt their quality of life a lot. Lots of studies aimed to search for new drugs for therapy. The investigators hypothesized that the artificial tears containing vitamin A or carbomer may be a great substitute. Both of the two drugs were in common use and had already been tested in animals.
Study Started
Sep 30
Primary Completion
Feb 28
Study Completion
Sep 30
Last Update
Mar 05

Drug Vitamin A

use one drop in the eye

  • Other names: vitamin A palmitate eye gel

Drug carbomer eye gel

use one drop in the eye

  • Other names: Carbomer Eye Drops

vitamin A palmitate eye gel Experimental

0.1% vitamin A palmitate; Sinqi, Shenyang, China

carbomer eye gel Experimental

0.2% Carbomer 940; Bausch & Lomb, Aschheim, Germany


Inclusion Criteria:

- diagnosed primary open-angle glaucoma or normal tension glaucoma patients with prostaglandin analogs treatment for more than one year.

Exclusion Criteria:

any systemic diseases which may cause ocular damage;
previous ocular trauma or surgery;
contact lens wear history in previous 6 months;
application of any artificial tears 3 months ago;
allergic to any of the drugs we used during examination.
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