Effect of Different Fiber Breakfasts on Appetite and Weight Change in Overweight Subjects
The Effect of Ingesting Breakfasts Varying in Fiber on Appetite and Weight Change in Overweight Subjects
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Regular breakfast consumption may help lower body weight reduce body fatness and improve cardiovascular disease risk factors. However, the best kind of breakfast to consume to achieve these effects is unclear. We hypothesized that a high fiber breakfast would suppress appetite, lower body weight and improve cardiovascular disease risk factors compared with a no-fiber breakfast.
Participants will report to the hospital cafeteria between 0800 and 0900h following an overnight fast every weekday for 4 consecutive weeks. On arrival, participants will be provided will the allocated breakfast and will be given 15 min to consume all the foods provided. The oatmeal breakfast will consist of 80g dry oatmeal (Quaker Quick Oats) prepared with 120mL fat-free milk and 230mL water. The frosted flakes breakfast will consist of 62g frosted flakes and 160mL whole milk and 190mL water served on the side. The No-breakfast (control) will consist of only 350mL plain water. All participants will also receive 200mL decaffeinated coffee with 12mL non-dairy creamer and 1g packet of non-caloric sweetener. On Friday of each week participants will be provided with two portions of the breakfasts to take home at consume on the weekend days. On the first day of the intervention and weekly thereafter participants will complete 3hr subjective appetite ratings responses to the breakfast. Laboratory assessments including body weight, composition, blood pressure and a fasting blood sample will be collected before the start of the intervention and at the end of the intervention.
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Mar 31
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Feb 29
Study Completion
Dec 31
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Jan 14

Dietary Supplement Oatmeal

A breakfast consisting of oatmeal

  • Other names: Quaker Quick Oats

Dietary Supplement Frosted Flakes

A breakfast consisting of Frosted Flakes and milk

  • Other names: Kelloggs Frosted Flakes

Dietary Supplement No Breakfast

A breakfast consisting of plain water

Oatmeal Breakfast Experimental

Participants will consume oatmeal breakfast daily for 4 weeks

Frosted Flakes Experimental

Participants will consume a frosted flakes breakfast daily for 4-weeks

No Breakfast Placebo Comparator

Participants will consume no breakfast for a 4-week period


Inclusion Criteria:

BMI >27kg/m2
Weight stable (<5% weight change in past 3 months)

Exclusion Criteria:

Regular use of medications
Currently undertaking a weight-loss or exercise program
Females who are pregnant or lactating
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