Almond Intervention in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Effect of Almond Supplementation on Glycemic and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Asian Indians in North India With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A 24-week Prospective Cohort Study
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This prospective cohort study of an almond-enriched diet (within the overall context of Asian Indian dietary guidelines) was conducted to test the hypothesis that in patients with T2DM almond-enriched balanced diet improves glycemic measures and CVD risk factors.
Study Started
Jan 31
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Dec 31
Study Completion
Feb 28
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Jan 06

Dietary Supplement almond

almond Experimental

almonds are substituted for visible fat and carbohydrates


Inclusion Criteria:

Patients in the age range of 25-65 years
on stable doses of metformin from past 3 months
having HbA1C less than 9%
LDL-c ≥100 mg/dl were recruited

Exclusion Criteria:

Patients on insulin therapy, plioglitazone, insulin secretagogues, beta blockers or steroids or suffering from diabetes for more than 10 years
having high uric acid levels (≥ 8 mg/dl),
with accelerated hypertension (stage 2 hypertension according to JNC guidelines) , hypothyroidism, suffering from acute infection or any debilitating disease or with renal failure,
appreciable weight loss (more than 10%) during past 6 months
Patients with known food allergy, lipid altering medication or extraneous factors that can affect glycemic or lipid parameters
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