Ilioinguinal Block in Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair
Effect of Ilioinguinal Blockage on Postoperative Pain After Laparoscopic Inguinal Herna Repair
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This study is undertaken to clarify whether intraoperative blockage with 40 ml of ½ % Marcaine© of the nerves in the ilio-inguinal canal may decrease postoperative pain after laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair.

Patients will be randomised to injection of Marcaine© og a needle prick per-operatively.

Pain will be estimated using the VAS score in:

1. the wound 2 the abdomen 3 the shoulder

Scoring will be performed:

1 hour postoperatively
at discharge from the hospital d day 1,2 and 3 post OP

e. 1 year post OP
as above
Study Started
Jan 31
Primary Completion
Jan 31
Last Update
Dec 17

Drug Marcaine ½%

Procedure Needle prick

Injection of Marcaine ½ % Experimental

Injection of 40 ml of Marcaine ½ % 2 cm medial, 2 cm downwards from the Anterior Iliac Spine

Needle prick Placebo Comparator

Needle prick 2 cm medial and 2 cm downwards from the Anterior Iliac spine


Inclusion Criteria:

Age ≥ 18 year
Informed consent
a diagnosis of an inguinal hernia
ASA group ≤ 3
BMI ≤ 35

Exclusion Criteria:

Communication problems
No consent
Open procedure (not laparoscopic)
ASA-group 4
Use of Steroid or immunosuppressive tretament
Regular morphine use.
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