Comparison of Sublingual Misoprostol Versus Lidocaine Spray for Hysteroscopy
Comparison of Sublingual Misoprostol Versus Lidocaine Spray for Pain Relief in Office Hysteroscopy: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
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Hysteroscopy is an instrument to visualize the interior walls of uterus (womb) and it enables the doctor to do minor operative procedures. Although it causes little discomfort, sometimes it may be disturbing for the patient. This pain is usually perceived during the passage of the instrument through the cervix (neck of the womb). The investigators would like to minimize this pain by two drugs: Misoprotol and lidocaine
Outpatient or office hysteroscopy has become the 'gold standard' for the investigation of the intrauterine abnormalities. This minimal invasive modality provides brilliant and clear visualization of the entire uterine cavity and besides this, by the operative channel, minor procedures may easily be performed in the office setting which is priceless for the gynecologist. However, pain related to the procedure may make the procedure uncomfortable for the patient and the physician. Together with the operative time, hysteroscope diameter is considered as the main factor influencing pain. The pain perceived during hysteroscopy may be reduced by using a smaller diameter hysteroscope or by using anesthesia, which decreases pain perception.

In this prospective, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study, we aim to compare the effectiveness of sublingual misoprostol versus lidocaine pump spray for pain relief during office hysteroscopy.
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Mar 31
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Dec 31
Study Completion
Mar 31
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Oct 31

Drug Sublingual Misoprostol

  • Other names: Cytotec

Drug Lidocaine pump spray

  • Other names: Xylocaine %10 pump spray

Drug Placebo (for Misoprostol)

Lactose filler, the pharmacy-produced pills identical to original misoprostol pill

Drug Placebo (for Lidocaine)

The pharmacy-produced sterile saline containing pump spray external characteristics identical to lidocaine pump spray

Sublingual Misoprostol & Lidocaine placebo Experimental

Misoprostol 200 µg sublingually single dose and Lidocaine spray placebo

Lidocaine Pump Spray & Misoprostol placebo Experimental

Lidocaine Pump spray, 6 sprays to cervix (60 mg totally) and sublingual misoprotol placebo


Inclusion Criteria:

Premenopausal women in the proliferative phase of the menstrual cycle with no contraindication for hysteroscopy

Exclusion Criteria:

vaginal bleeding at the time of the procedure
known sensitivity to lidocaine (amide group local anesthetics) or prostaglandins
significantly impaired respiratory or cardiac conduction functions
renal failure
acute liver disease
uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
pregnancy or suspicion of pregnancy
pelvic inflammatory disease
cervical operation history
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