Cupping and Serkangabin Versus Conventional Migraine Treatment
Cupping Therapy and SERKANGABIN Versus Conventional Treatment of Migraine Headache: a Randomized Controlled Trial
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Migraine is the most common recurrent headache. Current therapy of migraine headache consists of multiple drug groups for control of attack and prophylaxis against recurrent attacks. Emerging alternative medicine worldwide led investigators to evaluate the efficacy of cupping therapy plus SERKANGABIN syrup in treatment of migraine headache. Severity, duration and frequency of attacks of migraine headache evaluated in two groups during six months from presentation.
In a randomized controlled trial investigators randomly assigned 76 patients with migraine to cupping therapy plus SERKANGABIN or to receive conventional medical treatment. The use of CAM in migraine is a growing phenomenon. Migraine patients seek and explore both conventional and CAM approaches. Wet cupping is an ancient medical technique still used in several contemporary societies. It is being used in management of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and headaches, renal and biliary stones and for maintaining health. Little experimental study has been devoted to test its efficacy to treat migraine headache. Investigators planned this study for evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of wet cupping and an Iranian traditional medicine preparation, SERKANGABIN in treatment of migraine headache compared with current medicine protocols. SERKANGABIN is a preparation of honey, vinegar and distilled mint water that in traditional Iranian medicine is believed to have therapeutic effects in many diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, osteoarthritis, chronic obstructive airway disease, interstitial lung disease, hepatitis, fatty liver, ischemic heart disease, migraine, cerebrovascular diseases)
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Jun 30
Primary Completion
Sep 30
Study Completion
Oct 31
Last Update
Nov 24

Procedure cupping and serkangabin syrup

wet cupping serkangabin syrup

Drug conventional migraine drug treatment

nortriptyline ,propranolol ,ergotamine , sumatriptan tablets

cupping serkangabin Experimental

migraine cases treated by cupping and serkangabin syrup

conventional Active Comparator

migraine cases treated by conventional drug treatment protocols


Inclusion Criteria:

migraine headache with or without aura

Exclusion Criteria:

uncontrolled hypertension
ischemic heart disease
cardiac arrhythmia or symptomatic Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
previous stroke or transient ischemic attack
severe liver or renal impairment
any other severe or disabling medical condition
history of alcohol or analgesic or psychotropic drug abuse
contraindication to or known hypersensitivity to study drugs
current use or use in the previous 2 weeks of MAO-inhibitors
a pain disorder other than migraine as the primary presenting problem
current psychological treatment, psychiatric disorder needing immediate or priority treatment
current or planned breast feeding or pregnancy or unwillingness to use an established contraceptive method
non compliance of patients
not presenting at times determined for treatment and evaluation
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