Lippia Alba for Migraine Prophylaxis and Treatment
Chemical Composition and Therapeutic Effects of Lippia Alba (Mill.) N. E. Brown Leaves Ethanolic Extract in Patients With Migraine
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Abstract Background: There is no universally accepted and effective prophylaxis of migraine headache episodes. Thus the investigators aimed to investigate the effects of Lippia alba (Mill.) N. E. Brown, an herb with many effects on central nervous system, on pain frequency and intensity of migraine patients.

Methods: Patients were enrolled in a prospective, phase 2, non-controlled cohort study to orally receive ethanolic extract of L. alba leaves (1-2 drips/kg/day). Headache intensity and frequency of episodes were recorded before and after 30-60 days of treatment. The investigators also studied the chemical composition of its essential oil by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Results: The investigators described for the first time a particular L. alba chemotype with geranial and carvenone as major compounds. With treatment, both frequency and intensity of pain episodes significantly decreased from baseline to first reassessment date. More than 80% of patients experienced a minimum 50% reduction on pain intensity and frequency. No side effects were reported.

Conclusions: Treatment with a geranial plus carvenone chemotype of L. alba ethanolic extract is a cheap, widely available, highly effective therapy to reduce both the intensity and the frequency of headache episodes of migraine patients with no side effects.

Keywords: headache, migraine, medicinal plant, essential oil, phytotherapy
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Jul 31
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Drug Lippia alba (Mill.) N. E. Brown ethanolic extract

1-2 drops per kilogram per day, PO, twice a day


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Migraine diagnostic

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Patient's request
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