Asian Study on Cilostazol Effectivity in Neuropathies of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2-A Pilot Study in the Philippines
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    Phase 4
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    cilostazol ...
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To describe if there are differences in the subjective, objective and electrophysiologic parameters of diabetic polyneuropathies at baseline, four (4) weeks, eight (8) weeks, and twelve (12) weeks after Cilostazol therapy.
Study Started
Mar 31
Study Completion
Nov 30
Last Update
Feb 26

Drug Cilostazol

100 mg, 200mg tablet Cilostazol

  • Other names: Cilostazol, Pletaal, Pletal

Arm 1 Placebo Comparator

2 tablets BID

Arm 2 Experimental

100 mg Cilostazol (2 tablets BID)

Arm 3 Experimental

200 mg Cilostazol (2 Tablets BID)


Inclusion Criteria:

1. Signed written informed consent 2. Male and Female ages 18 to 70 years old. To be able to eliminate Type I Diabetes Mellitus among the younger subjects, we will only recruit patients who are stable on oral hypoglycemic agent. 3. Established diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2 (National Diabetes Data Group) who are currently on good control of the diabetic state.

4. Presence of predominantly distal symmetrical sensory polyneuropathy of the lower limbs as assessed by NSS, NIS and NCS.

Exclusion Criteria:

Current use of potentially neuropathic agents (Isoniazid, Phenytoin, Dapsone, Metronidazole, Vinca Alkaloids, etc.) within the past 1 month;
Presence of severe metabolic disease (renal failure, hepatic failure, etc.), alcoholism and malignancy;
Presence of hemorrhagic tendencies;
Patients who are diagnosed to be of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus;
Pregnant and lactating patients, including those who plan to have pregnancy within the study period.
Concomitant intake of agents currently used to treat neuropathic pain like gabapentin, carbamazepine/ oxcarbazepine, anti-depressants (tricyclic anti-depressants and SSRIs) and topical capsaicin.
Concomitant intake of other anti-platelet agents, rheologic agents and anticoagulants.
Have received Cilostazol therapy within the past three (3) months
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