Study of the Effects of Probiotics Upon Infectious Episodes in Subject Aged More Than 60, During Winter.
Effects of Daily Consumption of a Probiotic on the Evolution of Infectious Episodes (ENT, Gastro-intestinal and Pulmonary), in Subject Aged 60 Years or Over, During Winter.
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We put forward that probiotics have an effect on infectious episodes evolution in subjects aged 60 years or over. The main objective of this research is to observe the effect of consumption of the probiotic on the average number of days with infectious episodes.
Study Started
Nov 30
Primary Completion
Apr 30
Study Completion
Apr 30
Last Update
Jun 23

Dietary Supplement Lactobacillus helveticus R0052, Bifidobacterium bifidum R0071, Bifidobacterium infantis R0033

1 pill per day for 12 weeks

Dietary Supplement Starch of potato

1 pill per day for 12 weeks

2 Experimental

Subject with active product, not vaccinated against influenza.

3 Placebo Comparator

Subject with placebo, vaccinated against influenza.

4 Placebo Comparator

Subject with placebo, not vaccinated against influenza.

1 Experimental

Subject with active product, vaccinated against influenza


Inclusion Criteria:

Subjects who accept not to alter their food habits

Exclusion Criteria:

Food allergy
Regular consumption of probiotics
Respiratory deficiency
Cardiac deficiency
Cancer or chronicle disease not stabilized
Splenectomy, sickle-cell anemia
Immuno depression or immunodeficiency acquired or congenital
Immuno depressor or corticoid treatments
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