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MEDEX Hidden Valley 2008
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During a multi-week expedition to the Himalaya, we aim to investigate i) whether dietary supplementation with carbohydrate drinks and gels can improve physical performance; and ii) the underlying mechanisms for any observed changes in performance.

We hypothesise that i) carbohydrate supplementation will improve physical performance; and ii) the underlying mechanism of this improvement in performance will include maintenance of body glycogen (sugar) stores, prevention of dehydration and decrease in the incidence of acute mountain sickness.
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Jun 30
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Oct 31
Study Completion
Dec 31
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Mar 31

Dietary Supplement Carbohydrate energy drink

Complex carbohydrates including maltodextrin (97%) dissolved in water to make a a 10% solution, or dissolved in 25mL gels. Ad libitum. Twenty two days.

  • Other names: PSP22 Energy, Science in Sport, Blackburn, UK

Dietary Supplement Aspartame

Aspartame dissolved in water, ad libitum, 22 days.

  • Other names: Science in Sport, Blackburn, UK

1 Experimental

Carbohydrate supplements (drinks and gels)

2 Placebo Comparator

Primarily Aspartame plus natural flavourings. Powder dissolved in water to provide non-distinguishable placebo drink.


Inclusion Criteria:

a healthy enthusiasm for the outdoors and/or a passion for research in remote and difficult circumstances

Exclusion Criteria:

Persons with Phenylketonuria
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