Reboxetine Adjuvant Therapy for the Treatment of Schizophrenia
Phase 1 Study of Reboxetine Adjuvant Therapy and Cognitive and Behavioral Measures
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    Phase 1
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    Unknown status
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    reboxetine ...
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30 patients will randomly be selected and will be administered either reboxetine or a placebo. changes in cognition and behavior will be assessed by computer tests and scales during a six week study period.
all participants will be administered panss, sans, esrs, calgary, progesterom, sexual functioning scale, ham-a, covy, hamilton depression scale, and cgi and cgi improved rating on the first visit, as well as blood tests, ecg and weight. they will then be tested using a computer cognitive test (cogscan test) that lasts about 45 minutes. next, they will be given either a two week dose of placebo or treatment (2 mg * 2 daily for first week, then 4 mg. day, 2 mg. night for the second week). after two weeks they the dose is increased to 4 mg. * 2 daily. at four weeks all tests are readministered, as well as at six weeks. the study is concluded at 6 weeks, following a readministration of tests. physical examination is also administered at the conclusion.
Study Started
Mar 31
Study Completion
Nov 30
Last Update
Dec 08

Drug reboxetine adjuvant therapy


Inclusion Criteria:

schizophrenia all types

Exclusion Criteria:

non organic state
no depression treatment
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