Zinc Therapy in HIV Infected Individuals Who Abuse Drugs
Zinc Therapy in Zinc Deficient HIV Positive Drug Users
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Zinc deficiency is prevalent in HIV infected individuals who abuse drugs. The purpose of this study is to determine if zinc therapy will prevent immune failure in HIV infected individuals who abuse drugs and have low plasma zinc levels.
Low levels of zinc are associated with an increased risk of HIV-related death and opportunistic infections in HIV infected individuals. Drug users are especially susceptible to zinc deficiency. The purpose of this trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of zinc therapy in preventing immune failure in HIV infected individuals who abuse drugs.

This trial will last 30 months. Participants will be randomly assigned to receive either zinc supplements or placebo. Male participants will receive 15 mg of zinc and female participants will receive 12 mg of zinc. Clinical and laboratory study visits will occur at 3 or 6 month intervals throughout the study.
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Jun 30
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Jan 31
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Mar 05

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Inclusion Criteria:

HIV infected
Drug User
Blood zinc level greater than 0.35 mcg/mL and less than 0.75mcg/ml

Exclusion Criteria:

Currently participating in an another clinical trial
Blood selenium level less than 85 mcg/L
Pregnant or intends to become pregnant
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