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Founded: Copenhagen Denmark (1848)

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Alternative names

Capital Region, Copenhagen, Denmark | Capital Region Pharmacy, Denmark | Center of Clinical Research, Regional Hospital North Jutland, Hjørring, Denmark | Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark | Danish Center of Particle Therapy | Danish Committee for Health Education | Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center | Danish Lymphoma Group | Danish Study Group | Danish Veterans Centre | Emergency Medical Services, Capital Region, Denmark | Fund for Research, Quality and Education in Physiotherapy Practice | Independent Research Fund Denmark | Kolding Municipality, Denmark | Mental Health Services Capital Region Denmark | Mental Health Services in the Capital Region of Denmark | Military Psychology Department, Danish Veteran Centre | Ministery of Economic affairs | Ministry of the Interior and Health, Denmark | Municipalities of Northern Jutland, Denmark | Municipality of Herlev | Municipality of Koege, Denmark | Municipality of Odense | National Allergy Research Center | National Allergy Research Center, Denmark | National Board of Health, Denmark | North Denmark Region | Northern Orthopaedic Division, Denmark | Region Capital Denmark | Sten Rasmussen, MD, PhD | The Danish Committee of Health Education | The Danish Medical Research Council | The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark | The Municipality of Odense, Denmark