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Founded: Shenzhen China (1983)

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Alternative names

associate chief physician | Baoan Central Hospital of Shenzhen | Bao'an District Central Hospital of Shenzhen | Baoan District People's Hospital of Shenzhen | Chongqing Red Cross Hospital | Shenzhen Children's Hospital | Shenzheng Baoan Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital | Shenzhen Luohu Maternal and Child Health Hospital | Shenzhen Maternity & Child Healthcare Hospital | Shenzhen Nanshan Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital | Shenzhen People Hospital | Shenzhen People's Hospital | Shen Zhen People's Hospital | ShenZhen People's Hospital of Jinan University | Shenzhen Sixth People's Hospital | Shenzhen traditional Chinese medical hospital | Shenzhen traditional Chinese medicine hospital | Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital | Shenzhen University | Shenzhen University General Hospital | The Third Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University | YuLi | Zhenwei Xie