Humboldt University   Report issue

Contributed to NME Academic/Hospital Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
Founded: Berlin Germany (1710)

Organization Overview

First Clinical Trial
First Marketed Drug
tuberculin (Koch's old tuberculin)
First NDA Approval
tuberculin (Koch's old tuberculin)
Last Known Activity


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Alternative names

Allergie-Centrum-Charite | Andreas Michalsen | Applied Cachexia Research, Cardiology, Charite, Campus Virchow Klinikum | Ärztlicher Direktor, Direktor der Klinik für Herz-Thorax-Gefässchirurgie, | Benno Brinkhaus | Campus Virchow Klinikum | Cecilie Vogt Clinic for Neurology, Charite, Berlin | Charité University Berlin Germany | Charite | Charité | Charité Berlin - Department of Hematology, Oncology and Tumor Immunology | Charite - Berlin, Dept of Orthodontics, Center of Dentistry | Charite Berlin, Dept. of Radiology | Charite Campus Benjamin Franklin | Charite, Campus Benjamin-Franklin, Med. Clinic I, Rheumatology, Hindenburgdamm 30, 12200 Berlin, Germany | Charite, Campus Benjamin-Franklin, Rheumatology, Berlin, Germany | Charite Campus Mitte; Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and Department of Psychiatry, Kliniken Essen-Mitte | Charite Campus Mitte; Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and Department of Psychiatry, Kliniken Essen-Mitte, Essen | Charite- Campus Virchow klinikum | Charite Campus Virchow Klinikum | Charite Campus Virchow-Klinikum | Charite, CBF, Berlin, Germany | Charite Children's Hospital | Charité Clinical Trial Office (CTO) | Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center | Charite, Dpt. of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition | Charite Hospital, Berlin, Germany | Charite - NeuroCure | Charite-NeuroCure | Charite- NeuroCure | Charite Research Organisation | Charité Research Organisation GmbH | Charité - Univeristätsmedizin | Charite Universitaetsmedizin Berlin | Charite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin - Campus Benjamin Franklin | Charite Universitaetsmedizin Berlin - Campus Charite Mitte | Charite Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, Germany | Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin | Charité Universitatsmedizin Berlin | Charite - Universitätsmedizin Berlin | Charité Universitätsmedizinh Berlin | Charite University | Charite, University | Charite, University Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy | Charite University, Berlin, Germany | Charite University, Department for Dental Medicine | Charite University, Dept. Rheumatology CBF | Charite - University Hospital Berlin - Campus Virchow - Hospital | Charite University Hospital, Dept. of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology | Charite University medicine | Charite University Medicine | Charite University-Medicine, Berlin, Germany | Charité University medicine Berlin, Germany | Charité - University Medicine Berlin, Germany | Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany | Charite University Medicine Berlin, NeuroCure | Charite University (NeuroCure Clinical Research Center) | Charité University of Medicine | Claudia Spies | Coordinating Centre for Clinical Trials, Charité | Department for Hematology, Oncology and Tumor Immunology Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin | Department of Anesthesiolgy and Operative Intensive Care Medicine CCM/CVK, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin | Department of Epidemiology, German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke | Director Department of Cardiology, Charité University Medicine Berlin, CVK | Dominik Paul Modest | Experimental and Clinical Research Center, Charite University, Berlin, Germany | Friede Springer Stiftung, Germany | German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke | Hair and Skin Institute, Charité, Berlin, Germany | Hildrun Haibel | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Immanuel Krankenhaus and Charite Berlin | Institute for Cardiovascular Computer-assisted Medicine, Charité | Institute of Pharmacology Charite University Medicine Berlin Germany | Jan M. Schwab, MD, PhD | Johannes Lauscher | JSehouli | Karoline Krause | Klemens Budde | Malaria Unit, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Charite University, Berlin, Germany | Marcus Maurer | Margitta Worm | M. Schaefer, MD | Natalie GARCIA BARTELS | NeuroCure Clinical Research Center, Charite, Berlin | P. C. Thuss-Patience | PD Dr. Jan Kottner | PD Dr. med. Simon Bayerl | Prof. Dr. Antonia M. Joussen | Prof. Dr. Clemens Schmitt | Prof Dr Frank Buttgereit | Prof. Dr. Petra Reinke | Rheumatology, Charite, Berlin, Germany | Simone Spuler | Trauma Hospital Berlin | Trauma Hospital Berlin, Warener Str. 7, 12683 Berlin, Germany | Ulrich Keilholz | Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin | Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, Treatment Centre for Spinal Cord Injuries, Germany | Universitaetsklinikum Charite | University Childrens Hospital - Charite, Berlin | University Hospital Charite, Berlin, D | Wilhelm Haverkamp