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Founded: Paris France (1971)

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Alternative names

AP-HP and Paris VII University | AP-HP and Paris XII University | AP-HP and University of Paris VII | centre de recherche bioclinique -Hopital st louis | Hopital Saint Louis France | Hopital Saint-Louis, France | HOPITAL SAINT LOUIS - LA ROCHELLE | Hopital Saint-Louis, Paris | HOPITAL SAINT LOUIS - PARIS CEDEX 10 | Hopital Saint Louis Paris service des Maladies infectieuses et Tropicales | Hôpital Saint Louis - Service hématologie-greffe | Hopital Saint-Louis, Service hematologie Senior | Hôpital Saint Louis - Service hématologie séniors | Hôpital Saint Louis / Université Paris Diderot | Hopital St Louis - Paris - France | HOPITAL ST LOUIS/SCE DERMATOLOGIE/1 AV. CLAUDE VELLEFAUX (Paris- France) | Hospital Saint Louis Paris | INSERM, ECEVE UMR 1123, Paris | Pneumology Department, Hopital Saint Louis | St. Louis Hospital, Haematology Division, Paris | U717 INSERM universite Paris7, Hopital Saint-Louis, Paris, France