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Founded: Angers France (1337)

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Alternative names

Angers (FR), University College Hospital | Angers Teaching Hospital | Angers teatching hospital | Angers University Hospital | Angers University Hospital Center | Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Angers | Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) ANGERS | Centre Hospitalier Unniversitaire Angers(CHU) | Centre Paul Papin, 49933 Angers, France | Centre Paul Papin-ANGERS | Centre Paul Papin ANGERS France | Centre Régional de Coordination des Dépistages des cancers-Pays de la Loire, Angers | CHU Angers | CHU d'Angers, France | CHU of Angers | Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care, Angers University Hospital, France | Department of Obstetrics, Angers University Hospital Center | Dept of Anesthesia, CHU, Angers - France | Memory Centre of Angers University Hospital | Universitary Hospital, Angers | Universitary hospital of Angers | UNIVERSITE HOSPITAL, ANGERS | University Angers | University Hospital, Angers | University Hospital Angers (Dept of Anesthesia) | University hospital Angers - France | University Hospital, Angers, France | University hospital of Angers