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Founded: Amsterdam Netherlands (1880)

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Alternative names

A.J.M. van den Eertwegh | Alheimer Research Center, VU medisch centrum | Amsterdam UMC | Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc | Amsterdam UMC (location VUmC) | Amsterdam UMC, location VU Medical Center | Amsterdam UMC, VU University Medical Center, De Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam | Amsterdam Universitair Medische Centra, location VUmc | Amsterdam University Medical Centre, VUmc Site | Athena Institute, Free University of Amsterdam | Cees Hertogh | Department of Pediatrics, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam De Boelelaan 1117, NL-1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Depratment of Nephrology, VU University Medical Center | Derk Jan Jager | Dr. Jurjan Aman | Free University Medical Center | Free University Medical Center - Amsterdam - The Netherlands | Free University UMC Amsterdam | Hans J. van der Vliet, MD, PhD | H. Jaap Bonjer, PhD | M.E. van Linde | M.H.H. Kramer | Vrije Universiteit MC, Amsterdam | Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre | Vrije Universiteit VU, Medical Centre, 1007MB Amsterdam, The Netherlands | VU Amsterdam | VUmc | VUMC | VUmc Alzheimer Centre (p: +31 20 4440816) | VUmc Alzheimer Centrum | VUmc Amsterdam | VUmc Diabetes Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands | VUmc / HOVON | VUmc, internal medicine | VU medical Center, Amsterdam | VU Medical Center Amsterdam | VU Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands | VU Medical Center, Amsterdam UMC | VU Medical Center (VUmc), Amsterdam | VUMedicalcentre | VU Medical Centre | VU Medisch Centrum | VU Medisch Centrum - Vrije Universiteit | VU University Medical Center | VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands | VU University Medical Center, Deparment of Pulmonology | VU University Medical Center, department of pulmonary diseases | VU University Medical Center, depart. of neurology | VU University Medical Center, Diabetes Center | VU University Medical Center, Netherlands | VU University Medical Center, pulmonary department | VU University of Amsterdam