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Founded: Tanta Egypt (1972)

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Alternative names

Ahmed Abdel Wahed Ali | Amin El Sayed Nawar | assisstant professor of clinical pharmacy- Faculty of Pharmacy- Tanta University | Ass/ Prof. liver diseases-Tanta university | ass. Prof. Tropical Medicine | Cardiology Department- Tanta University | Clinical Oncology department. Tanta University. | Clinical Oncology - Tanta University | Clinical Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University | Clinical pharmacy Department- Tanta University | Clinical pharmacy Department-Tanta University | Department of Clinical pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta university | Department of Tropical Medicine & Infectious Diseases, Tanta University School of Medicine | Dr. Mohamed Elsayed Afandy | Emergency Department- Tanta University. | faculty of dentistry tanta university | Faculty of medicine, Tanta University | Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University | faculty of pharmacy- Tanta University | Faculty of Pharmacy- Tanta University. | Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University | Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University, Egypt | Hala Abd EL-Tawab Ibrahim Radwan | Head of Clinical Pharmacy Department | Hepatology and gastroenterology dept.-Tanta | Hepatology and Infectious diseases- Tanta University | Hepatology dept.-Tanta | Hepatology dept.- Tantauniversity | Hepatology - Gastroenterology - Tanta University | Interventional radiology- Tanta university | Lecturer and consultant of anesthesia and surgical ICU in Tanta University and Faculty of Medicine | Lecturer at Tanta University | Lecturer of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Tanta University | LECTURER OF ANESTHESIA AND SURGICAL ICU, TANTA UNIVERSITY, FACULTY OF MEDICINE | Lecturer of Pharmacology and toxicology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University | liver diseases dept.- Tanta university hospital | Madonna Magdy Fahmy | MD liver diseases - Tanta university | Mohamed Elsayed Afandy | Mohamed Mofreh Hamada Hamed | mona bologh elmorad,MD | Mostafa Bahaa | Pediatrics department - Tanta university | Pediatrics department - Tanta University | Physical medicine Tanta university | Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University | Prof. liver diseases-Tanta university | Prof of Clinical Pharmacy | Rheumatology Dept. - Tanta University | Sherief Abd-Elsalam | Supervisor for my master degree | Tanta Faculty of Medicine, Lecturer | Tanta Faculty of Medicine, Professor | Tanta Fever Hospital | Tanta University | Tanta University Anasthesia Department | tanta university faculty of dentistry | Tanta university, faculty of dentistry, Oral medicine clinic | Tanta university Faculty of Medicine | Tanta University Faculty of medicine | Tanta University - Faculty of Medicine | Tanta University Faculty of Medicine | Tanta University-Faculty of Medicine | Tanta University, Faculty of Medicine | Tanta university, faculty of pharmacy | Tanta university Faculty of Pharmacy | Tanta University-Faculty of pharmacy | Tanta University - Faculty of Pharmacy | Tanta university hospital | Tanta University hospital | Tanta University Hospital | Tanta University Hospitals, House Officer | Tanta University Pediatrics Department | Tanta University - Tropical Medicine Department | Tanta Univesity faculty of Medicine | Tanta Unversity | Tanta Yniversity | Tropical Medicine Dept.-Tanta University - Faculty of Medicine | Tropical medicine-Tanta university hospital