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Founded: Minya Egypt (1976)

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Alternative names

Ahmad Elheeny | Al-Menia Univeristy Hospital | Alshimaa Nasser Mahmoud | Anesthesia and ICU department, Faculty of Medicine, Minia University | Associate professor of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Minia and Deray University, Minia, Egypt. | Dean of Faculty | Dr Haidy Salah | Dr Wegdan Ali Abdelrahman | El Minia University | Faculty of Dentistry, Minia University | Faculty of medicine. ElMinia University | Faculty of medicine Minia university | Faculty of Medicine, Minia University | Faulty of medicine, Minia University | Hassan Mokhtar Elshorbagy Hetta | Lecturer at Faculty of Dentistry Minia University | Lecturer of Biomechanics, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Deraya University, Minia, | lecturer of orthodontics, Minia University | Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud | Mina university hospital | Minia faculty of Medicine. Minia university. Egypt | Minia Universiry hospital | Minia University | Minia University and SFH | Minia university hopital of gynecology and obstetrics | minia university hospital | Minia University Hospital | oral medicine and periodontology department faculty of dentistry minia university | Pediatric Dentistry Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Minia University | Professor of Anesthesia and intensive care, MiniaU. | Sara Botros