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Ondansetron (ZOFRAN®) is a selective 5-HT3 receptor antagonist. It is effective in the treatment of nausea and vomiting caused by radiotherapy, anesthesia, surgery or cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs, including cisplatin, and has reported anxiolytic and neuroleptic properties. While its mechanism of action has not been fully characterized, ondansetron is not a dopamine-receptor antagonist. It is not certain whether ondansetron's antiemetic action is mediated centrally, peripherally, or in both sites. However, cytotoxic chemotherapy appears to be associated with release of serotonin from the enterochromaffin cells of the small intestine. The released serotonin may stimulate the vagal afferents through the 5-HT3 receptors and initiate the vomiting reflex.   NCATS

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  • Availability: Prescription Only
  • Delivery Methods: Oral, Parenteral
  • Pro Drug: No

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