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Phenobarbital, also known as phenobarbitone or phenobarb, sold under the brand name Luminal among others, is a medication of the barbiturate type. It is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy in developing countries. In the developed world, it is commonly used to treat seizures in young children, while other medications are generally used in older children and adults. In developed countries it is used for veterinary purposes. It may be used intravenously, injected into a muscle, or taken by mouth. The injectable form may be used to treat status epilepticus. Phenobarbital is occasionally used to treat trouble sleeping, anxiety, and drug withdrawal and to help with surgery. It usually begins working within five minutes when used intravenously and half an hour when administered by mouth. Its effects last for between four hours and two days.   Wikipedia

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5-ethyl-5-phenyl-2,4,6(1h,3h,5h)-pyrimidinetrione | 5-ethyl-5-phenylbarbituric acid | 5-ethyl-5-phenylpyrimidine-2,4,6(1h,3h,5h)-trione | 5-ethyl-5-phenyl-pyrimidine-2,4,6-trione | 5-phenyl-5-ethylbarbituric acid | adonal | dormiral | eskabarb | gardenal sod | luminal | luminal sodium | neurobarb | noptil | phenaemal | phenemal | phenobarbital | phenobarbital sod | phenobarbital sodium | phenobarbitol | phenobarbitone | phenobarbituric acid | phenylaethylbarbitursaeure | phenylethylbarbiturate | phenylethylbarbituric acid | phenylethylbarbitursaeure | phenylethylmalonylurea | sedophen | sodium phenobarbital | solfoton | talpheno | versomnal


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