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Satraplatin is a platinum-based antineoplastic agent that was under investigation as a treatment of patients with advanced prostate cancer who have failed previous chemotherapy. It has not yet received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. First mentioned in the medical literature in 1993, satraplatin is the first orally active platinum-based chemotherapeutic drug; other available platinum analogues—cisplatin, carboplatin, and oxaliplatin—must be given intravenously.   Wikipedia

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bis-acetatoamminedichlorocyclohexylamine platinum(iv) | bms 182751 | bmy 45594 | cabazitaxel, docetaxel, mitoxantrone or satraplatin | jm216 | jm 216 | jm-216 | platinum, bis(acetato-o)amminedichloro(cyclohexanamine)-, (oc-6-43)- | satraplatin | trans,cis,cis-bis(acetato)amminecyclohexylaminedichloroplatinum(iv)


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