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Racecadotril, also known as acetorphan, is an antidiarrheal medication which acts as a peripheral enkephalinase inhibitor. Unlike other opioid medications used to treat diarrhea, which reduce intestinal motility, racecadotril has an antisecretory effect — it reduces the secretion of water and electrolytes into the intestine. It is available in France and other European countries as well as most of South America and some South East Asian countries, but not in the United States. It is sold under the tradename Hidrasec, among others. Thiorphan is the active metabolite of racecadotril, which exerts the bulk of its inhibitory actions on enkephalinases.   Wikipedia

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acetorphan | acetorphan, (r)-isomer | acetorphan, (s)-isomer | cadotril | ecadotril | glycine, n-(2-((acetylthio)methyl)-1-oxo-3-phenylpropyl)-, phenylmethyl ester, (+-)- | hidrasec | n-(3-acetylmercapto-2-benzylpropanoyl)glycine benzyl ester | racecadotril | redotil | retorphan | sinorphan


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