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Pramlintide is an analog of human amylin. Amylin is co-secreted with insulin from pancreatic beta cells and acts centrally to slow gastric emptying, suppress postprandial glucagon secretion, and decrease food intake. These actions complement those of insulin to regulate blood glucose concentrations. Amylin is relatively deficient in patients with type 2 diabetes, depending on the severity of beta-cell secretory failure, and is essentially absent in patients with type 1 diabetes. Through mechanisms similar to those of amylin, pramlintide improves overall glycemic control, reduces postprandial glucose levels, and reduces bodyweight in patients with diabetes using mealtime insulin. SYMLIN® (pramlintide acetate) is indicated for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who use mealtime insulin and have failed to achieve desired glycemic control despite optimal insulin therapy.   NCATS

  • SMILES: CC[C@H](C)[C@H](NC(=O)[C@@H]1CCCN1C(=O)CNC(=O)[C@H](Cc2ccccc2)NC(=O)[C@H](CC(=O)N)NC(=O)[C@H](CC(=O)N)NC(=O)[C@H](CO)NC(=O)[C@H](CO)NC(=O)[C@H](Cc3c[nH]cn3)NC(=O)[C@@H](NC(=O)[C@H](CC(C)C)NC(=O)[C@H](Cc4ccccc4)NC(=O)[C@H](CC(=O)N)NC(=O)[C@H](C)NC(=O)[C@H](CC(C)C)NC(=O)[C@H](CCCNC(=N)N)NC(=O)[C@H](CCC(=O)N)NC(=O)[C@@H](NC(=O)[C@H](C)NC(=O)[C@@H]5CSSC[C@H](NC(=O)[C@@H](N)CCCCN)C(=O)N[C@@H](CC(=O)N)C(=O)N[C@@H]([C@@H](C)O)C(=O)N[C@@H](C)C(=O)N[C@@H]([C@@H](C)O)C(=O)N5)[C@@H](C)O)C(C)C)C(=O)N[C@@H](CC(C)C)C(=O)N6CCC[C@H]6C(=O)N7CCC[C@H]7C(=O)N[C@@H]([C@@H](C)O)C(=O)N[C@@H](CC(=O)N)C(=O)N[C@@H](C(C)C)C(=O)NCC(=O)N[C@@H](CO)C(=O)N[C@@H](CC(=O)N)C(=O)N[C@@H]([C@@H](C)O)C(=O)N[C@@H](Cc8ccc(O)cc8)C(=O)N
  • Mol. Mass: 3949.45
  • ALogP: Missing data
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