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Olmesartan medoxomil, a prodrug, is hydrolyzed to olmesartan during absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Olmesartan is a selective AT1 subtype angiotensin II receptor antagonist. Olmesartan blocks the vasoconstrictor effects of angiotensin II by selectively blocking the binding of angiotensin II to the AT1 receptor in vascular smooth muscle. Oral olmesartan medoxomil 10-40 mg once daily is recommended for the treatment of adult patients with hypertension, this dosage has consistently helped achieve a double-digit reduction both in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, a reduction which is maintained for one year. Extensive clinical evidence from several large well designed trials and the clinical practice setting has confirmed the antihypertensive efficacy and good tolerability profile of oral olmesartan medoxomil, as monotherapy in patients with hypertension. Olmesartan medoxomil has shown no clinically important pharmacokinetic interactions with digoxin, warfarin or antacid (aluminium magnesium hydroxide). Adverse events were infrequent in clinical studies of olmesartan medoxomil and were similar to those attributed to placebo.   NCATS

  • Mol. Mass: 446.5016
  • ALogP: 4.17
  • ChEMBL Molecules:
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  • Mechanism of Action:
  • Multi-specific: Missing data
  • Black Box: Yes
  • Availability: Prescription Only
  • Delivery Methods: Oral
  • Pro Drug: Yes

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$0.0799 - $10.7502


$0.1096 - $0.3166
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