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Lixivaptan (VPA-985) is an orally-active, non-peptide, selective vasopressin 2 receptor antagonist being developed as an investigational drug by Palladio Biosciences, Inc. (Palladio), a subsidiary of Centessa Pharmaceuticals plc. As of December¬†2021, lixivaptan is in Phase III clinical development for the treatment of Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), the most common form of polycystic kidney disease. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted orphan drug designation to lixivaptan for the treatment of ADPKD.   Wikipedia

  • SMILES: Cc1ccc(F)cc1C(=O)Nc2ccc(C(=O)N3Cc4cccn4Cc5ccccc35)c(Cl)c2
  • Mol. Mass: 473.94
  • ALogP: 6.05
  • ChEMBL Molecule:
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5-fluoro-2-methyl-n-(4-(5h-pyrrolo(2,1-c)-(1,4)benzodiazepin-10-(11h)-ylcarbonyl)-3-chlorophenyl)benzamide | crtx-080 | lixivaptan | n-4-(3-chloro-4-(5h-pyrrolo(2,1-c)(1,4)benzodiazepin-10(11h)-ylcarbonyl)phenyl)-5-fluoro-2-methylbenzamide | vpa 985 | vpa-985 | way vpa-985 | way-vpa-985


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