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Levomepromazine (also known as methotrimeprazine) is a phenothiazine neuroleptic drug. It is sold in many countries under the generic name (levomepromazine) or under brand names such as Nozinan, Detenler and many more. Levomepromazine is an antipsychotic drug is commonly used as an antiemetic to alleviate nausea and vomiting in palliative care settings particularly in terminal illness. Levomepromazine is a phenothiazine with pharmacological activity similar to that of both chlorpromazine and promethazine. It has the histamine-antagonist properties of the antihistamines together with central nervous system effects resembling those of chlorpromazine. Levomepromazine's antipsychotic effect is largely due to its antagonism of dopamine receptors in the brain. In addition, it can block 5HT2 receptors and some others, like histamine, serotonin.   NCATS

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