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Levamisole (the trade name Ergamisol), an anthelminthic drug with immunological properties. It also has antitumor activity when administered with 5-fluorouracil in patients with Duke's C colorectal carcinoma; however, this use was discontinued. The mechanism of the antitumor effect is unknown but has been postulated to be related to levamisole's immunomodulatory properties. Levamisole can stimulate antibody formation to various antigens, enhance T-cell responses by stimulating T-cell activation and proliferation, potentiate monocyte and macrophage functions including phagocytosis, chemotaxis and increases motility, adherence, and chemotaxis. Levamisole inhibits alkaline phosphatase and possesses cholinergic activity. The mechanism of action of levamisole as an antiparasitic agent, for example, to treat ascariasis, relates to its agonistic activity to L-subtype nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in nematode muscles. In addition, levamisole was studied for preventing relapses of the steroid-sensitive idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (SSINS). It was shown, that alone or in combination with steroids, the drug can prolong the time to relapse and prevented recurrence during one year of treatment. However, these studies also were also discontinued.   NCATS

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