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Chloroprocaine is a local anesthetic given by injection during surgical procedures and labor and delivery. Chloroprocaine vasodilates; this is in contrast to cocaine which vasoconstricts. Chloroprocaine is an ester anesthetic.   Wikipedia

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2-chloroprocaine | 2-(diethylaminoethyl)-4-amino-2-chlorobenzoate | 4-amino-2-chlorobenzoic acid 2-(diethylamino)ethyl ester | ampres | chloroprocain | chloroprocaine | chloroprocaine hcl | chloroprocaine hydrochloride | chloroprocainum | chlorprocaine | chlor-procaine | chlorprocaine chloride | cloroprocaina | halestyn | nesacaine | nesacaine mpf | nesacaine-mpf | piocaine


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