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Terbutaline is a relatively selective beta2-adrenergic bronchodilator that has little or no effect on alpha-adrenergic receptors. The drug has exerts a preferential effect on beta2-adrenergic receptors but stimulates beta-adrenergic receptors less selectively than relatively selective beta2-agonists. Terbutaline appears to have a greater stimulating effect on beta-receptors of the bronchial, vascular, and uterine smooth muscles (beta2 receptors) than on the beta-receptors of the heart (beta1 receptors). This drug relaxes smooth muscle and inhibits uterine contractions, but may also cause some cardiostimulatory effects and CNS stimulation. The pharmacologic effects of terbutaline are at least in part attributable to stimulation through beta-adrenergic receptors of intracellular adenyl cyclase, the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to cyclic- 3',5'- adenosine monophosphate (c-AMP). Increased c-AMP levels are associated with relaxation of bronchial smooth muscle and inhibition of release of mediators of immediate hypersensitivity from cells, especially from mast cells. Terbutaline is used for the prevention and reversal of bronchospasm in patients 12 years of age and older with reversible, obstructive airway disease, as well as symptomatic management of reversible bronchospasm associated with bronchitis and emphysema. Also used acute IV and sub-Q therapy in selected women to inhibit uterine contractions in preterm labor (tocolysis) and prolong gestation when beneficial.   NCATS

  • SMILES: CC(C)(C)NCC(O)c1cc(O)cc(O)c1.CC(C)(C)NCC(O)c2cc(O)cc(O)c2.OS(=O)(=O)O
  • Mol. Mass: 548.66
  • ALogP: 1.52
  • ChEMBL Molecules:
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  • Mechanism of Action:
  • Multi-specific: Missing data
  • Black Box: Yes
  • Availability: Prescription Only
  • Delivery Methods: Oral, Parenteral, Topical
  • Pro Drug: No

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$0.6030 - $1.7168


$2.6469 - $5.6829
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