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ETHAMBUTOL HYDROCHLORIDE is an oral chemotherapeutic agent which is specifically effective against actively growing microorganisms of the genus Mycobacterium, including M. tuberculosis. Ethambutol inhibits RNA synthesis and decreases tubercle bacilli replication. Nearly all strains of M. tuberculosis and M. kansasii as well as a number of strains of MAC are sensitive to ethambutol. Ethambutol inhibits arabinosyl transferases which is involved in cell wall biosynthesis. By inhibiting this enzyme, the bacterial cell wall complex production is inhibited. This leads to an increase in cell wall permeability. ETHAMBUTOL HCl is indicated for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. It should not be used as the sole antituberculous drug, but should be used in conjunction with at least one other antituberculous drug.   NCATS

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(+)-2,2'-(ethylenediimino)di-1-butanol | (2s,7s)-2,7-diethyl-3,6-diazaoctane-1,8-diol | cl-40881 | diambutol | emb | etambutol | etambutolo | ethambutol | (+)-ethambutol | ethambutol dihydrochloride | ethambutol hcl | ethambutol hydrochloride | ethambutolum | myambutol | mynah 200 | mynah 250 | mynah 300 | mynah 365 | (+)-n,n'-bis(1-(hydroxymethyl)propyl)ethylenediamine | (+)-s,s-ethambutol | (s,s)-ethambutol | s,s-ethambutol


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