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Beraprost is a pharmaceutical drug used in several Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea, as a vasodilator and antiplatelet agent. It is classified as a prostacyclin analog.   Wikipedia

  • SMILES: CC#CCC(C)[C@H](O)\C=C\[C@H]1[C@H](O)C[C@@H]2Oc3c(CCCC(=O)O)cccc3[C@H]12
  • Mol. Mass: 398.5
  • ALogP: 3.29
  • ChEMBL Molecules:
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1h-cyclopenta(b)benzofuran-5-butanoic acid, 2,3,3a,8b-tetrahydro-2-hydroxy-1-(3-hydroxy-4-methyl-1-octen-6-ynyl)-, monosodium salt | 4-(1,2,3a,8b-tetrahydro-2-hydroxy-1-(3-hydroxy-4-methyloct-6-yne-1-enyl)-5-cyclopenta(b)benzofuranyl)butyrate | aps-314d | beraprost | beraprost sodium | mdl-201129 | mdl-201229 | ml-1129 | ml-1229 | procylin | prostaglandin i2 analogue | trk 100 | trk-100 | trk-100stp


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