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Choline C 11 injection was approved to help diagnose recurrent prostate cancer. It is used for a procedure called positron emission tomography (PET) scan to detect tumors that are not detectable by other scanning procedures, such as bone scan, computed tomography (CT), or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Choline C 11 is a radioactive diagnostic agent, the analog of choline. Choline is involved in the synthesis of the structural components of cell membranes, as well as modulation of transmembrane signaling. Increased phospholipid synthesis (i.e., increased uptake of choline) has been associated with cell proliferation and the transformation process that occurs in tumor cells. Recently, Choline C 11 PET was studied for diagnosis the patients with hepatocellular carcinoma; although the phase II of clinical trials was not begun.   NCATS

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  • Mechanisms of Action: Missing data
  • Multi-specific: Missing data
  • Black Box: No
  • Availability: Prescription Only
  • Delivery Methods: Parenteral
  • Pro Drug: No
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