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Oxymetazoline is an adrenergic alpha-agonist, direct acting sympathomimetic, used as a vasoconstrictor to relieve nasal congestion The sympathomimetic action of oxymetazoline constricts the smaller arterioles of the nasal passages, producing a prolonged (up to 12 hours), gentle and decongesting effect. Oxymetazoline elicits relief of conjunctival hyperemia by causing vasoconstriction of superficial conjunctival blood vessels. The drug's action has been demonstrated in acute allergic conjunctivitis and in chemical (chloride) conjunctivitis. Oxymetazoline is self-medication for temporary relief of nasal congestion associated with the common cold, hay fever, or other upper respiratory allergies. Oxymetazoline is available over-the-counter as a topical decongestant in the form of oxymetazoline hydrochloride in nasal sprays such as Afrin, Operil, Dristan, Dimetapp, oxyspray, Facimin, Nasivin, Nostrilla, Sudafed OM, Vicks Sinex, Zicam, SinuFrin, and Mucinex Full Force. Due to its vasoconstricting properties, oxymetazoline is also used to treat nose bleeds and eye redness.   NCATS

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