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Ferrous citrate, also known as iron(II) citrate or iron(2+) citrate, describes coordination complexes containing citrate anions with Fe2+ formed in aqueous solution. Although a number of complexes are possible (or even likely), only one complex has been crystallized. That complex is the coordination polymer with the formula [Fe(H2O)6]2+{[Fe(C6H5O7)(H2O)]−}2.2H2O, where C6H5O73- is HOC(CH2CO2−)2(CO2−, i.e., the triple conjugate base of citric acid wherein the three carboxylic acid groups are ionized. Ferrous citrates are all paramagnetic, reflecting the weak crystal field of the carboxylate ligands.   Wikipedia

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fe(ii) citrate | ferrous citrate | monoferrous acid citrate


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