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Quazepam is indicated for the treatment of insomnia characterized by difficulty in falling asleep, frequent nocturnal awakenings, and/or early morning awakenings. Quazepam interact preferentially with the benzodiazepine-1 (BZ1) receptors. Most common adverse reactions (>1%): drowsiness, headache, fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth, dyspepsia. Downward of CAN depressant dose adjustment may be necessary due to additive effects.   NCATS

  • SMILES: FC1=CC=CC=C1C2=NCC(=S)N(CC(F)(F)F)C3=CC=C(Cl)C=C23
  • Mol. Mass: 386.794
  • ALogP: 5.03
  • ChEMBL Molecule:
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7-chloro-5-(2-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-1-(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)-2h-1,4-benzodiazepine-2-thione | doral | prosedar | quazepam | quazepamum | quazium | quiedorm | sch 16134 | sch-16134


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