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DEXBROMPHENIRAMINE is an alkylamine derivative with anticholinergic and sedative properties. It is a histamine H1-receptor antagonist that competes with histamine for the H1-receptor sites on effector cells in the gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, and respiratory tract. The antagonistic action of this agent blocks the activities of endogenous histamine, which subsequently leads to temporary relief from the negative histamine-mediated symptoms of an allergic reaction such as bronchoconstriction, vasodilation, increased capillary permeability and spasmodic contractions of the gastrointestinal smooth muscle. DEXBROMPHENIRAMINE as a part of combination medicine is used to treat symptoms of the common cold or seasonal allergies, including sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, and itchy, watery eyes.   NCATS

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  • Delivery Methods: Oral
  • Pro Drug: No

Combination drugs

( dexbrompheniramine (disomer), pseudoephedrine (Benylin) - other names: brompheril, disobrom, disophrol )
3-(4-bromophenyl)- n,n-dimethyl- 3-pyridin-2-yl-propan-1-amine | (+)-brompheniramine | (+)-brompheniramine maleate | (+)-brompheniraminum | d-brompheniramine | desbrofeniramina | dexbromfeniramina | dexbrompheniramin | dexbrompheniramine | dexbromphéniramine | dexbrompheniramine fumarate | dexbrompheniramine maleate | dexbrompheniraminum | disophrol | (+)-parabromdylamine | (r)-3-(4-bromophenyl)-3-(2-pyridyl)propyldimethylamine | (s)-brompheniramine | (s)-(+)-brompheniramine | w0027


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