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Piperocaine (Metycaine) is a local anesthetic drug. It is an ester and primarily is a sodium channel blocker. Piperocaine can partially inhibit dopamine. It is known as a alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor. Used in the form of its hydrochloride as a local or spinal anesthetic and in dental anesthesia. Can cause toxic reactions. Piperocaine Hydrochloride is in the list of Bulk Drug Substances Nominated for Use in Compounding Under Section 503A, FDA Act. Piperocaine hydrochloride is a small, white odorless crystals or a white crystalline powder, stable in air, freely soluble in water, alcohol and chloroform.   NCATS

  • Mol. Mass: 261.3593
  • ALogP: Missing data
  • ChEMBL Molecules: Missing data
More Chemistry
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