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CHEMBL1201541   ChEMBL
insulin susp protamine zinc purified beef *

CHEMBL1201539   ChEMBL
insulin pork

CHEMBL1201542   ChEMBL
insulin zinc susp extended purified beef

CHEMBL1201545   ChEMBL
insulin susp isophane beef

CHEMBL1201546   ChEMBL
insulin zinc susp purified beef

CHEMBL1201629   ChEMBL
insulin purified beef

CHEMBL1201639   ChEMBL
insulin zinc susp beef

CHEMBL1201640   ChEMBL
insulin zinc susp extended beef

CHEMBL1201641   ChEMBL
insulin zinc susp extended recombinant human

CHEMBL1201642   ChEMBL
insulin zinc susp prompt beef

CHEMBL1201655   ChEMBL
insulin susp isophane purified beef

CHEMBL2108964   ChEMBL
insulin, isophane

576O9IZ534   NCATS
insulin beef *


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