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Dithiazanine, 3-ethyl-2-[5-(3-ethyl-2-benzothiazolinylidene)-l, 3- pentadienyl] benzothiazolium iodide, is an old effective broad-spectrum human anthelmintic. In proper dosage, this polyvermicide is therapeutic for trichuriasis, strongyloidiasis, ascariasis, and enterobiasis. The drug also has significant anthelmintic activity against human hookworm, Necator americanus. It fulfills a need for an effective therapeutic for trichuriasis and strongyloidiasis. Dithiazanine is useful for the treatment of patients with either single or multiple intestinal helminth infections. It is effective for mass therapy for trichuriasis. Nowdays Dithiazanine is used only as a veterinary anthelmintic for dogs. It has being proved to be a highly toxic chemical, with a lethal dose for humans of about 4–16 mg/kg by oral ingestion.   NCATS

  • SMILES: CCN1C(=CC=CC=Cc2sc3ccccc3[n+]2CC)Sc4ccccc14
  • Mol. Mass: 391.59
  • ALogP: 6.25
  • ChEMBL Molecules:
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