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Tipranavir (PNU-140690, trade mark APTIVUS) is a potent, orally bioavailable nonpeptidic HIV protease inhibitor of the 5,6-dihydro-4-hydroxy-2-pyrone sulfonamide class. Tipranavir has potent in vitro activity against a variety of HIV-1 laboratory strains and clinical isolates, including those resistant to ritonavir, as well as HIV-2. The drug is launched in several countries, including the US and in the EU. APTIVUS, co-administered with ritonavir, is indicated for combination antiretroviral treatment of HIV-1 infected patients who are treatment-experienced and infected with HIV-1 strains resistant to more than one protease inhibitor.   NCATS

  • SMILES: CCC[C@@]2(CCC1=CC=CC=C1)CC(O)=C([C@H](CC)C3=CC=CC(NS(=O)(=O)C4=NC=C(C=C4)C(F)(F)F)=C3)C(=O)O2
  • Mol. Mass: 602.664
  • ALogP: 7.33
  • ChEMBL Molecule:
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  • Mechanism of Action:
  • Multi-specific: Missing data
  • Black Box: Yes
  • Availability: Prescription Only
  • Delivery Methods: Oral
  • Pro Drug: No

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$4.3367 - $14.7721
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3'-((1r)-1-((6r)-5,6-dihydro-4-hydroxy-2-oxo-6-phenethyl-6-propyl-2h-pyran-3-yl)propyl)-5-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridinesulfonanilide | aptivus | pnu 140690 | pnu-140690 | tipranavir | tipranavir, (r-(r*,r*))-isomer | tipranavir, (s-(r*,r*))-isomer | tipranavir, (s-(r*,s*))-isomer | tipranivir | u-140690


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