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Levobunolol is a non-cardioselective beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent, equipotent at both beta1 and beta2 adrenergic receptors. Levobunolol is greater than 60 times more potent than its dextro isomer in its beta-blocking activity, yet equipotent in its potential for direct myocardial depression. Accordingly, the levo isomer, levobunolol, is used. Levobunolol does not have significant local anesthetic (membrane-stabilizing) or intrinsic sympathomimetic activity. Levobunolol, sold under the brand name Betagan, has been shown to be an active agent in lowering elevated as well as normal intraocular pressure (IOP) whether or not accompanied by glaucoma. Levobunolol is contraindicated in those individuals with bronchial asthma or with a history of bronchial asthma, or severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease sinus bradycardia; second and third-degree atrioventricular block; overt cardiac failure cardiogenic shock; or hypersensitivity to any component of these products.   NCATS

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