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Romidepsin, also known as Istodax, is an anticancer agent used in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) and other peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCLs). Romidepsin is a natural product obtained from the bacterium Chromobacterium violaceum, and works by blocking enzymes known as histone deacetylases, thus inducing apoptosis. It is sometimes referred to as depsipeptide, after the class of molecules to which it belongs. Romidepsin is branded and owned by Gloucester Pharmaceuticals, now a part of Celgene.   Wikipedia

  • SMILES: C\C=C\1/NC(=O)[C@H]2CSSCC\C=C\[C@H](CC(=O)N[C@H](C(C)C)C(=O)N2)OC(=O)[C@@H](NC1=O)C(C)C
  • Mol. Mass: 540.71
  • ALogP: 1.43
  • ChEMBL Molecules:
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