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The aluminum salt of Allantoin, Alcloxa combines the astringent and anti-microbial properties of aluminum with the anti-irritant, soothing and healing properties of Allantoin. Alcloxa is particularly suited for use in anti-perspirants, acne treatments and foot care products. Alcloxa is a compound that combine the properties of aluminum salts with the properties of allantion. The allantion component ehhances the action of the aluminum salts and serves to overcome irritations experienced by many individuals who may be sensitive to the use of aluminum alts. The aluminum component reduces sweat by causing the sweat gland ducts swell. Alcloxa also add to the antiperspirant properties the deodorant effect because of its bacteriostatic action. It showed bacteriostatic properties at concentrations of 0.2% particularly against Gram + bectaria (B. subtilis, S. aureus, P. vulgaris, Pityrosporum ovale). This is ascribable to two different mechanisms: first bacterial growth is retarded due to a decrease in the amount of water present, second aluminum salt have itself an antimicrobial action. In baby products is indicated for its healing reparative action, in the treatment of diaper rash. Also is approved in haemorrhoidal product for its soothing and keratolytic action. In oral care products Alcloxa is useful for its astringent antibacterial properties. It is very indicated in formulations for sensitive teeth, periodontal and gum diseases (like gingivitis, irritable and bleeding gums). Use levels: 0.1-1%. − In antiacne products the slightly astringent effect promotes healing of pustules and acne lesions. It reduces the extension of infected skin eruptions, healing them and developing a soothing action. May be used alone or also in combinations with other antimicrobial agents in order to fight acne more effectively. Use levels: 0.5-2.0%.   NCATS

  • Mol. Mass: 158.1154
  • ALogP: -2.18
  • ChEMBL Molecule:
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