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Vindesine, also termed Eldisine, is a semisynthetic vinca alkaloid derived from the flowering plant Catharanthus roseus. Like the natural and semisynthetic vinca alkaloids derived from this plant, vindesine is an inhibitor of mitosis that is used as a chemotherapy drug. By inhibiting mitosis, vinedsine blocks the proliferation of cells, particularly the rapidly proliferation cells of certain types of cancer. It is used, generally in combination with other chemotherapeutic drugs, in the treatment of various malignancies such as leukaemia, lymphoma, melanoma, breast cancer, and lung cancer.   Wikipedia

  • SMILES: CC[C@]1(O)C[C@H]2CN(CCc3c([nH]c4ccccc34)[C@@](C2)(C(=O)OC)c5cc6c(cc5OC)N(C)[C@H]7[C@](O)([C@H](O)[C@]8(CC)C=CCN9CC[C@]67[C@H]89)C(=O)N)C1.OS(=O)(=O)O
  • Mol. Mass: 852.02
  • ALogP: 2.73
  • ChEMBL Molecules:
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3-(aminocarbonyl)-o(4)-deacetyl-3-de(methoxycarbonyl)vincaleukoblastine | 3-carbamoyl-4-deacetyl-3-de(methoxycarbonyl)vincaleukoblastine | compound 112531 | desacetylvinblastine amide | eldisine | videsine | vindelsine | vindesine | vindesine sulfate


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