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Butoconazole, trade names Gynazole-1, an imidazole antifungal used in gynecology for the local treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis (infections caused by Candida). The exact mechanism of the antifungal action of butoconazole nitrate is unknown; however, it is presumed to function as other imidazole derivatives via inhibition of steroid synthesis. Imidazoles generally inhibit the conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol, resulting in a change in fungal cell membrane lipid composition. This structural change alters cell permeability and, ultimately, results in the osmotic disruption or growth inhibition of the fungal cell.   NCATS

  • SMILES: Clc1ccc(CCC(Cn2ccnc2)Sc3c(Cl)cccc3Cl)cc1
  • Mol. Mass: 411.79
  • ALogP: 6.64
  • ChEMBL Molecules:
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1-(4-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(2,6-dichlorophenylthio)-n-butyl)-1h-imidazole | 1h-imidazole, 1-(4-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-((2,6-dichlorophenyl)thio)butyl)-, | alant starch | aventis brand of butoconazole nitrate | bayer brand 1 of butoconazole nitrate | bayer brand 2 of butoconazole nitrate | butaconazole | butaconazole nitrate | butoconazol | butoconazole | butoconazole nitrate | butoconazolum | compositenstärke | dahlin | femstal | femstat | femstat 3 | gynazole | gynazole-1 | gynomyk | mycelex-3 | polyfructosanum | rs 35887 | rs-35887 | rs-35887-00-10-3 | syntex brand of butoconazole nitrate | ther-rx brand of butoconazole nitrate | will brand of butoconazole nitrate


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