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Sodium thiosulfate (sodium thiosulphate/STS) is a chemical and medication. As a medication, it is used in combination with sodium nitrite under the trade name to NITHIODOTE treat cyanide poisoning. The primary route of endogenous cyanide detoxification is by enzymatic transulfuration to thiocyanate (SCN- ), which is relatively nontoxic and readily excreted in the urine. Sodium thiosulfate is thought to serve as a sulfur donor in the reaction catalyzed by the enzyme rhodanese, thus enhancing the endogenous detoxification of cyanide. In addition, Sodium thiosulfate is used in calciphylaxis in hemodialysis patients with end-stage kidney disease. Calciphylaxis is vasculopathy characterized by ischemia and painful skin necrosis due to calcification and intimal fibroplasia of thrombosis of the panicular arterioles. Sodium thiosulfate is used as treatment due to its antioxidant activity and as a chelating. Sodium thiosulfate renders renal protection by modulating the mitochondrial KATP channel for preventing urolithiasis. Moreover, STS was assumed to play a vital role in on ischemia reperfusion injury (IR). The effectiveness of STS as a cardioprotective agent was attributed to the reduction of apoptosis by binding to the active site of caspase-3 in silico, which was substantiated by the reduced expression of caspase-3 and poly ADP ribose polymerase levels.   NCATS

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  • Black Box: Yes
  • Availability: Prescription Only
  • Delivery Methods: Parenteral
  • Pro Drug: No

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